King Kong Gegen Godzilla

King Kong Gegen Godzilla Godzilla vs Kong

King Kong gegen Godzilla (jap. ゴジラ対メカゴジラ, Gojira tai Mekagojira, dt. „​Gojira gegen Mecha-Gojira“, DVD-Titel: Godzilla gegen Mechagodzilla) ist ein. Für seinen Kampf gegen Godzilla präsentiert sich King Kong in „Godzilla Vs. Kong“ offenbar im neuen Look: Nicht nur wird. Die Menschheit kämpft um ihr Überleben und sorgt im Rahmen dieses Überlebenskampfes dafür, dass Godzilla und King Kong aufeinandertreffen und sich eine. von 28 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "King Kong gegen Godzilla". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon. Originaltitel: Gojira tai Mekagojira / AT: Godzilla gegen Mechagodzilla; Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla;. King Kong gegen Godzilla ist ein Fantasyfilm.

King Kong Gegen Godzilla

von 28 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "King Kong gegen Godzilla". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla; King Kong - Monster aus der Tiefe. Filminfos zu King Kong gegen Godzilla (). King Kong gegen Godzilla (jap. ゴジラ対メカゴジラ, Gojira tai Mekagojira, dt. „​Gojira gegen Mecha-Gojira“, DVD-Titel: Godzilla gegen Mechagodzilla) ist ein.

General Masami Shinzo Akihiko Hirata Shigezawa Mie Hama Fumiko Sakurai Akiko Wakabayashi Tamiye Akemi Negishi Farou Island Chief Yoshifumi Tajima Official Sachio Sakai Obayashi Mr.

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Destoroyah Edit Storyline Mr. Taglines: Now an all-mighty all-new motion picture brings them together for the first time in the colossal class of all time!

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film features the Davy Crockett, a portable missile-launched nuclear weapon developed by the United States.

At the time, this weapon was still classified. Goofs The previous film established Godzilla as a nocturnal creature that is attracted to light.

This, as well as all subsequent movies, ignores this. Quotes [ first lines ] Narrator : There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Crazy Credits In the credits for the U. The film remains the most attended Godzilla film in Japan to date, [4] and is credited with encouraging Toho to prioritize the continuation of the Godzilla series after seven years of dormancy.

A heavily edited version was released by Universal International Inc. Tako, head of Pacific Pharmaceuticals, is frustrated with the television shows his company is sponsoring and wants something to boost his ratings.

When a doctor tells Tako about a giant monster he discovered on the small Faro Island, Tako believes that it would be a brilliant idea to use the monster to gain publicity.

Tako immediately sends two men, Sakurai and Kinsaburo, to find and bring back the monster. Meanwhile, the American submarine Seahawk gets caught in an iceberg.

The iceberg collapses, unleashing Godzilla who, in the Japanese version, had been trapped within since , who then destroys the submarine and a nearby Arctic military base.

On Faro Island, a gigantic octopus crawls ashore and attacks the native village. The mysterious Faro monster, revealed to be King Kong , arrives and defeats the octopus.

Kong then drinks some red berry juice that immediately puts him to sleep. Sakurai and Kinsaburo place Kong on a large raft and begin to transport him back to Japan.

Meanwhile, Godzilla arrives in Japan and begins terrorizing the countryside. Kong wakes up and breaks free from the raft.

Reaching the mainland, Kong confronts Godzilla and proceeds to throw giant rocks at Godzilla. Godzilla is not fazed by King Kong's rock attack and uses its atomic breath to burn him.

Kong retreats after realizing that he is not yet ready to take on Godzilla and his atomic breath. They next string up a barrier of power lines around the city filled with 1,, volts of electricity 50, volts were tried in the first film, but failed to turn the monster back , which prove effective against Godzilla.

Kong then approaches Tokyo and tears through the power lines, feeding off the electricity, which seems to make him stronger.

Kong then enters Tokyo and captures Fumiko, Sakurai's sister. The next morning, Kong is dropped next to Godzilla at the summit of Mount Fuji and the two engage in a final battle.

Godzilla initially has the advantage due to his atomic breath and nearly kills Kong. After knocking Kong out with a devastating dropkick and tail smacks to the head, Godzilla begins burning the foliage around Kong trying to cremate him.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning from thunder clouds strike King Kong reviving him and charging him up. The monsters resume their fight, making their way towards the coastline and destroying Atami Castle before falling off a cliff together into the Pacific Ocean.

After an underwater battle, only Kong resurfaces from the water, and he begins to swim back towards his island home. The film had its roots in an earlier concept for a new King Kong feature developed by Willis O'Brien , animator of the original stop-motion Kong.

During this time, the story was renamed King Kong vs. O'Brien was introduced to producer John Beck, who promised to find a studio to make the film at this point in time, RKO was no longer a production company.

Beck took the story treatment and had George Worthing Yates flesh it out into a screenplay. The story was slightly altered and the title changed to King Kong vs.

Prometheus , returning the name to the original Frankenstein concept The Modern Prometheus was the alternate title of the original novel.

Unfortunately, the cost of stop-motion animation discouraged potential studios from putting the film into production. After shopping the script around overseas, Beck eventually attracted the interest of the Japanese studio Toho , which had long wanted to make a King Kong film.

The studio thought that it would be the perfect way to celebrate its 30th year in production. Cooper was bitterly opposed to the project, stating in a letter addressed to his friend Douglas Burden, "I was indignant when some Japanese company made a belittling thing, to a creative mind, called King Kong vs.

I believe they even stooped so low as to use a man in a gorilla suit, which I have spoken out against so often in the early days of King Kong ".

Ishiro Honda wanted the theme of the movie to be a satire of the television industry in Japan. In April , TV networks and their various sponsors started producing outrageous programming and publicity stunts to grab audiences attention after two elderly viewers reportedly died at home while watching a violent wrestling match on TV.

But the company doesn't think that way. They think they will get ahead of their competitors if they use a monster to promote their product.

Special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya was planning on working on other projects at this point in time such as a new version of a fairy tale film script called Kaguyahime Princess Kaguya , but he postponed those to work on this project with Toho instead since he was such a huge fan of King Kong.

The script is special to me; it makes me emotional because it was King Kong that got me interested in the world of special photographic techniques when I saw it in Eiji Tsuburaya had a stated intention to move the Godzilla series in a lighter direction.

This approach was not favoured by most of the effects crew, who "couldn't believe" some of the things Tsuburaya asked them to do, such as Kong and Godzilla volleying a giant boulder back and forth.

But Tsuburaya wanted to appeal to children's sensibilities and broaden the genre's audience. Godzilla has a much lighter tone than the previous two Godzilla films and contains a great deal of humor within the action sequences.

With the exception of the next film, Mothra vs. Godzilla , this film began the trend to portray Godzilla and the monsters with more and more anthropomorphism as the series progressed, to appeal more to younger children.

The men would rehearse for hours and would base their moves on that from professional wrestling a sport that was growing in popularity in Japan , [29] in particular the movies of Toyonobori.

During pre-production, Eiji Tsuburaya had toyed with the idea of using Willis O'Brien's stop-motion technique instead of the suitmation process used in the first two Godzilla films, but budgetary concerns prevented him from using the process, and the more cost efficient suitmation was used instead.

However, some brief stop motion was used in a couple of quick sequences. One of these sequences was animated by Koichi Takano [31] who was a member of Eiji Tsuburaya's crew.

A brand new Godzilla suit was designed for this film and some slight alterations were done to its overall appearance.

These alterations included the removal of its tiny ears, three toes on each foot rather than four, enlarged central dorsal fins and a bulkier body.

Another puppet from the waist up was also designed that had a nozzle in the mouth to spray out liquid mist simulating Godzilla's atomic breath.

However the shots in the film where this prop was employed far away shots of Godzilla breathing its atomic breath during its attack on the Arctic Military base were ultimately cut from the film.

The tail prop would be swung offscreen by a stage hand. Sadamasa Arikawa who worked with Eiji Tsuburaya said that the sculptors had a hard time coming up with a King Kong suit that appeased Tsuburaya.

The suit's body design was a team effort by brothers Koei Yagi and Kanji Yagi and was covered with expensive yak hair, which Eizo Kaimai hand-dyed brown.

One pair were extended arms that were operated by poles inside the suit to better give Kong a gorilla-like illusion, while the other pair were at normal arms length and featured gloves that were used for scenes that required Kong to grab items and wrestle with Godzilla.

This would force him to be trapped inside the suit for large amounts of time and would cause him much physical discomfort.

In the scene where Kong drinks the berry juice and falls asleep, he was trapped in the suit for three hours.

Hirose stated in an interview "Sweat came pouring out like a flood and it got into my eyes too.

When I came out, I was pale all over". For the attack of the giant octopus, four live octopuses were used.

They were forced to move among the miniature huts by having hot air blown onto them. After the filming of that scene was finished, three of the four octopuses were released.

The fourth became special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya's dinner. Along with the live animals, two rubber octopus props were built, with the larger one being covered with plastic wrap to simulate mucous.

Some stop-motion tentacles were also created for the scene where the octopus grabs a native and tosses him. Since King Kong was seen as the bigger draw [43] and since Godzilla was still a villain at this point in the series, the decision was made to not only give King Kong top billing but also to present him as the winner of the climactic fight.

While the ending of the film does look somewhat ambiguous, Toho confirmed that King Kong was indeed the winner in their —63 English-language film program Toho Films Vol.

Fuji and King Kong is victorious. But after he has won When John Beck sold the King Kong vs. Prometheus script to Toho which became King Kong vs.

Godzilla , he was given exclusive rights to produce a version of the film for release in non-Asian territories. He was able to line up a couple of potential distributors in Warner Bros.

Beck, accompanied by two Warner Bros. After discussions with Beck, the two wrote the American version and worked with editor Peter Zinner to remove scenes, recut others, and change the sequence of several events.

To give the film more of an American feel, Mason and Howard decided to insert new footage that would convey the impression that the film was actually a newscast.

The television actor Michael Keith played newscaster Eric Carter, a United Nations reporter who spends much of the time commenting on the action from the U.

Harry Holcombe was cast as Dr. Beck and his crew were able to obtain library music from a host of older films music tracks that had been composed by Henry Mancini , Hans J.

Salter , and even a track from Heinz Roemheld. Cues from these scores were used to almost completely replace the original Japanese score by Akira Ifukube and give the film a more Western sound.

This added footage features massive tidal waves, flooded valleys, and the ground splitting open swallowing up various huts.

Starting in , Toho's international sales booklets began advertising an English dub of King Kong vs. By association, it is thought that this King Kong vs.

Godzilla dub is an uncut, English-language international version not known to have been released on home video.

In Japan, the film first released on August 11, After its theatrical re-releases, the film was screened two more times at specialty festivals.

In , to celebrate Godzilla's 25th anniversary, the film was reissued as part of a triple bill festival known as The Godzilla Movie Collection Gojira Eiga Zenshu.

It played alongside Invasion of Astro-Monster and Godzilla vs. Godzilla , Mothra vs. Godzilla is threatened by two new forces: Mogera - another UN built machine; and Space Godzilla - a beast spawned from Godzilla's particles in space.

The aftermath of the Oxygen Destroyer brings forth Destoroyah, a beast intent on killing Godzilla, who is on the verge of a nuclear meltdown.

A young man steals a boat to find his brother, but he and his shipmates become shipwrecked on a mysterious island inhabited by a giant sea monster and a slumbering Godzilla.

One year after the fight between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, the two monsters along with Mothra face off in a conclusive battle royale.

Aliens intend to take over the planet and, just in case Godzilla tries to interfere, have built a mechanical version of him to put an end to his interference.

The Earth humans summon the legendary King Seesar to assist Godzilla in the battle. Written by Todd A. This film was pretty much the beginning of the end of the Showa era.

This film was very fast paced and had a lot of good fight sequences between the two monsters. However, the story left a little bit to be desired.

In fact, the non monster scenes almost cause this movie to grind to a halt. At least the battle at the end featuring the new monster King Seesar helps to keep the film from going totally down the tubes.

Also, this film isn't really for the faint of heart due to the fact that it is probably the bloodiest of all the Godzilla films.

This film may not have been among the best in the series, but it still was pretty decent. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Godzilla vs. Ape-like aliens build a robotic Godzilla to destroy Japan, and the true Godzilla may not be powerful enough to destroy it.

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King Kong Gegen Godzilla Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu King Kong gegen Godzilla (OT: Gojira tai Mechagojira | Japan, | Action, Fantasy. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla; King Kong - Monster aus der Tiefe. Filminfos zu King Kong gegen Godzilla (). Ähnliche Filme. Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Godzilla Millennium Über Nur das Ergebnis zeigen bei Godzilla go here man streiten. Games Musikvideos. Stattdessen erhielt Mechagodzilla in der deutschen Synchronfassung den Namen "King Kong", Worms Spielen den irreführenden Titel zu rechtfertigen. Bilder anzeigen. Filme wie King Kong gegen Godzilla. Visit web page Caesar kehrt in seine Höhle zurück. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. King Kong gegen Godzilla von Anolis. Tomoyuki Tanaka. Godzilla vs. Es ist halt ein Monsterfilm. Listen mit King Kong gegen Godzilla. Frankenstein und die Monster aus dem All. Godzilla is not fazed by King Kong's rock attack and uses its atomic breath to burn. When I came out, I was pale all over". Invasion of Astro-Monster Aliens intend to take over the planet and, just in case Godzilla tries to interfere, have built a mechanical version of him to put an end to his interference. Here Adventure Fantasy. Das Urwelt-Monster greift sofort an. Breaking: New images of "Adult Kong" with his beard have revealed during the Legendary Comics: Monsterverse Publishing panel that took place during Wondercon Home Wo ist hier bitteschön die Logik? Das Publikum bewertete den Film ähnlich, 62 Fidor Гјberweisung fanden den Film gut. Godzilla - Der Urgigant. Mit dem Bart sieht er aus wie Bigfoot, aber egal, ich fand Skull Island unterhaltsam. Godzilla gegen Mechagodzilla Godzilla vs.

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